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Ajjan Associates, LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who created REDchoice.us?

REDchoice.us is a project of , a single-member LLC registered in New Jersey by George Ajjan, a Republican activist.  It is not funded by, affiliated with, or otherwise connected to any of the campaigns of potential 2008 GOP nominees.

What is the purpose of this Republican poll?

Most of the other polls out there are simplistic questions about personalities, concerning people who have not sufficiently articulated where they stand on the key issues.  To be blunt, the GOP has too much at stake to resort to mere popularity contests.  At this stage, it is more important to focus on the issues & discover where the Republican activists want their nominee to stand in 2008.

How do you know which issues matter most?

The design incorporates 6 key issues:  Iraq, the budget, immigration, Social Security, life issues & taxes.  Anyone can create a poll that asks yes/no questions about any of these issues.  The key, though, lies in the trade-offs.  The manner in which REDchoice poses the questions enables us to analyze the true drivers for each respondent in mathematical terms.  For example, based upon an individual's responses we could determine the % of his or her decision related to each of the 6 issues, as well as his or her preferred position on each issue.

Finally, we can determine for Republican voters as a whole which issues trump the others.  All 6 are important, but which ones hold the greatest weight?  REDchoice will determine that.

Do the cards represent actual candidates?

No.  The 18 cards are mathematically created using an algorithm, which enables a representative sample of the 324 possible combinations of candidate positions on the 6 issues.  Any similarity to actual candidates is purely coincidental.

Why does REDchoice ask for so much information?

You don't get something for nothing.  In order to determine the real preferences out there on 6 complex issues, we must ask a mathematically determined number of questions to ensure statistical viability of the responses.

What do you intend to do with the data?

Respondents instantly receive an analysis of their individual results, indicating which issues drive their decisions to support candidates.  The composite results will also be shared with certain media outlets, as well as any Republican organizations that request them.